Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tanglewood Stores - Measurement and Validation Essay

Tanglewood Stores - Measurement and Validation - Essay Example The  table gives a clear analysis of various variables. It shows an estimate of the correlation between some of the common predictors like education, managerial interviews, job experience and the measures /variables of performance, citizenship, absence along with other correlations between the proposed predictors like biodata, applicant exams, extraversion, consciousness and retail knowledge. Content validity of the methods of selection is one of the key questions that have to be addressed.There are quite a number of scales that Tanglewood proposed which perfectly match the content that they are intended to measure.And they also correspond properly with the specific work of store associates.  First, we have the retail market knowledge exam which comprises of questions that pertain to the industry and the uniqueness of Tanglewood in the industry. This is properly done and very relevant in the sense that it is related to the basic knowledge of some of the vital marketing principles.Marshfield applicant exam which aims at helping individuals to get some problem-solving abilities, accuracy and fluency in numerical concepts.The personality exam is aimed at identifying the various personality types of those intending to work with Tanglewood.This is necessary for it assists the management to understand the kind of employees to put in various departments. If Tanglewood is interested in getting some of the best people to work for them, there a quite a number of things that they must do. They should focus more on aspects like education of the individual, his or her competencies, the experience he or she has in that particular are to avoid hiring people who lack the know-how and ensure that they give them more training pertaining the kind of duties that the organisation offers. For instance, those in the human resource have to be assisted on how to hire the best people for particular jobs within the stores. The above names predictors are some of the best because they will  ensure that the organisation has people who are competent and know what they are required of by their employers.  

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